January 2015 Mega Update!

Goodness it's been a busy and quick month!

So I'm just going to have to make one mega update today so you all know what's currently going on!

Firstly my animated music video for Spence Cater has been finished and we're just hanging on for the release day so we can get all the promotional stuff sorted. You'll see it in the next couple of months and we're very eager to roll it out! For the time being stare at this pretty picture!

Still from Spence Cater's video


Secondly remember Alexander Chapman Campbell? The classically inclined gentleman that I animated for last year is battling it out against the likes of Mozart and Beethoven for the ClassicFM Hall Of Fame 2015. So if you liked my music video and his music, give this man some love and vote for Sketches of Light!

ClassicFM Hall of Fame 2015 http://halloffame.classicfm.com/2015/vote/


Thirdly, another blast from the past! Remember my animation for 'All That Wander' by the superbly talented Sarah Moss? I'm delighted that we're working together again on one of her other tracks from her EP 'These Full Moons'. This new project is currently in the planning stages and it's looking like it'll shape up to look very different from my past pieces.


I'm going to try not to bung so many things into one update in future, but seriously where has the past month gone?!